Before hack, Sony Pictures was told network was vulnerable

A few months before a cyberattack forced Sony Pictures to shut down its computer systems, a security audit discovered holes in the way the studio monitors its network, according to a news report.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers conducted an audit over the summer that found a firewall and “more than 100 devices” were being monitored by the studio’s in-house team rather than Sony’s corporate security team tasked with overseeing infrastructure, Recode reported Friday night. That gap, the auditors said, could mean a slower response time should a problem occur.

Late last month, hackers broke in to Sony Pictures’ computer network, taking internal documents and emails and releasing them over the past few weeks to file-sharing networks. A handful of movies, including a few Sony has yet to release, have also been leaked. A hacker group calling itself Guardians of Peace has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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