Citizenfour: The Crypto Tools That Made The Snowden Film a Reality

Most of the American public is probably not familiar with journalist Laura Poitras, however she played an integral role in the publication of the NSA files leaked by Edward Snowden. Snowden contacted Poitras via an anonymous email and began to provide details of the leak he was going to provide her. While Poitras was interested in meeting Snowden in person, he insisted it was not possible. It was at this point that Poitras began communicating with Snowden using a number of anonymity based software programs known as crypto tools. Crypto tools hide the user’s identity and data through encryption and typically mask the user’s IP address, in order to protect them from spying eyes.

Poitras purchased a laptop and installed Tails, an operating system which funnels all network traffic through the Tor network and leaves no communication data on your hard drive. She was able to communicate with Snowden anonymously using internet cafés and public Wi-Fi, making sure her communications could not be traced. Poitras eventually met Snowden in a Hong Kong hotel room. The purpose for their meeting? Poitras was filming a documentary about surveillance and activism, which after interviewing Edward Snowden, became Citizenfour. Citizenfour was the name Snowden used to contact Poitras in the first emails he sent to her.

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