Facebook Not Sorry For Psych Experiment On Users, Just Sorry You Got Mad

As previously reported, Facebook revealed that it had conducted a psychological experiment on over 600,000 of its users without their consent. This experiment, which manipulated the posts that were shown in the users’ newsfeeds, sought to find out how they responded to the emotional tone expressed in their friends’ posts.

The results of the study were made public when published in a paper by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists of the United States.

Even though every Facebook user agrees to participating in such studies when they accept the clause that includes “internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement,” in Facebook’s terms and conditions, several users were outraged when they learned that the study had taken place without their knowledge.

On Thursday, Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer, Mike Schroepfer, addressed the incident in a blog post that detailed new guidelines the company is enforcing for both internal work and research.

Although Schroepfer maintained that the information gathering in the experiment was “important to research,” he admitted that he and his colleagues were “unprepared for the reaction the paper received when it was published.”

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