Free Tool Fights Advanced Evasion Techniques

Because advanced evasion techniques can evade the detection capabilities of many firewalls, they are an especially dangerous weapon in the attackers’ arsenal.

The nefarious types looking to compromise network security are getting craftier, employing tools such as advanced evasion techniques (AETs), which obfuscate malicious code by slicing and dicing it into bits and pieces that arrive by different paths. Ultimately, the code re-assembles on an endpoint, where it can wreck havoc.

AETs are quite successful for the most part, evading the technologies deployed by next generation firewalls (NGFWs) that are used to detect malware. What’s more, AETs are often the first shot fired in a battle that supports the spread of advanced persistent threats (APTs), which ultimately target intellectual property and financial resources. In other words, AETs enable drive-by attacks that can go unnoticed until long after the damage is done.

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