Germany bends over backwards to satisfy US spying demands

Despite the historic lessons Germany has bent over backwards trying to accommodate spying requests by the US, yet has done nothing so far to protect the privacy of its own citizens guaranteed by the constitution, Annie Machon, former UK MI5 agent told RT.

RT: Was all that initial anger and disgust from the German leadership just a load of hot air?

Annie Machon: I think they had to make the right sounds at the time. But it is a shame that they can’t follow through and have a proper investigation. Bear in mind that what Snowden disclosed was not just the fact that Angela Merkel was being snooped on and listened to, but also another 121 leaders were being spied on by the NSA. And I suppose that most of us thought, because of the German history and the sensitivity of being spied on particularly the East German Stasi regime, that there would be a proper investigation here. And it would be lovely for other countries and other leaders who have been spied on as well would also instigate such investigations. But it is a shame that in Germany it hasn’t been followed through.

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