Is there such a thing as ethical hacking?

I remember the day the laptop arrived by UPS.

I was working in a summer office and had a view of a beautiful lake out my front window. The box looked inconspicuous. Inside, I found one of those slightly-of-date Windows models, a bit chunky and heavy like it was a year or two old. The packaging looked odd — no colored brochures and stickers, no warranty notices — just some crunched up newspaper and a card that listed a few of the apps and version numbers.

I took the system out of the box and powered it up. Instead of Windows, the system was running a special version of Linux with about two dozen pre-loaded apps. On the desktop wallpaper, the Grim Reaper held his scythe as a thinly-veiled encouragement about how to use the system. A company I won’t mention had sent me the laptop as a way to show how “ethical hacking” works in the real world. There were password generators and tools for sniffing out and breaking into Wi-Fi networks. I knew the laptop and pre-loaded apps were perfectly legal; what I could do with the laptop was totally up to me.

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