Islamic Extremists Use YouTube’s Automated Copyright Dispute Process To Access Critics’ Personal Data

YouTube’s infringement reporting system is — like many others around the web — fundamentally broken. Making bogus copyright claims is still an easy way to get channels shut down or to siphon ad revenue from existing videos. It can also be used as a censor — a cheap and dirty way to shut up critics or remove compromising video.

Apparently, Islamic extremists linked with Al-Qaeda have found another use for YouTube’s mostly automated dispute process: low-effort doxxing. According to German news sites, a YouTube channel (Al Hayat TV) known for its criticism of Islam has had to send its listed contact person into hiding after bogus copyright claims filed by extremists led to the exposure of his personal information.

On September 25th, someone using the name “First Crist, Copyright” filed bogus copyright complaints against Al Hayat TV. In order to prevent the channel from being shut down for multiple “strikes,” Al Hayat TV was forced to file a counter notification. But in order to do so, the channel operators had to expose sensitive information.

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