Manage your passwords for free with Norton Identity Safe

As I’ve said many times before, a password manager is an absolutely essential tool. That’s why I routinely share deals on products like LastPass and RoboForm Everywhere.

Although many of them offer freebie versions, those are usually limited to a desktop client, with no syncing with the Web or mobile apps. And, trust me, syncing is something you really want. I can’t tell you how often I end up needing a password or other personal info when I’m out and about.

Typically you have to pay $20 to $40 per year for the privilege, but there’s an often-overlooked gem that will cost you nothing: Norton Identity Safe. Though once part of Norton’s paid security-suite offerings, this password manager is now a standalone product — and a free one at that.

Norton Identity Safe consists of a desktop client (Windows only — sorry, Mac folks), a Web-based vault and mobile apps for Android and iOS. As noted previously, all your data gets synced between whatever versions you care to use.

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