No ‘illegal spying’ or ‘misuse of power’: Sony amends wording on Snowden biopic description – leaked emails

Internal Sony emails, released by WikiLeaks, confirm that the company edited the press release announcing its Edward Snowden biopic to be less critical of the US government and NSA surveillance, following input from Sony’s VP for Government Affairs.

Sony announced it had obtained the film rights to Glenn Greenwald’s book “No place to hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the US Surveillance State” on May 14, 2014. According to emails acquired by WikiLeaks, Keith Weaver, the company’s Executive Vice-President for Worldwide Government Affairs proposed edits to the release that would remove “illegal spying” and “misuse of power” from the original.

Responding to Sony’s senior VP for media relations, Jean Guerin, at 6:49pm on May 13, Weaver wrote:

“I have a few concerns/edits:

2nd paragraph, 1st sentence: Instead of ‘U.S. government’s illegal spying operations,’ I’d propose ‘US government’s controversial intelligence gathering’

2nd paragraph, last sentence: I would replace ‘misuse of power’ with ‘actions.’



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