Online sexual exploitation: What parents should do

A Toronto father has become a hero to many Canadian parents after ferreting out a 30-year-old Ohio man who had been sexually harassing his 12-year-old daughter online.

Cliff Ford managed this by impersonating his daughter online, which enabled him to gain information about the individual, Nicholas Bowers.

Cliff Ford, Toronto dad, posed as preteen daughter to bust online predator
While Ford’s actions led to Bowers’ arrest, cyberbullying experts are divided over whether that’s necessarily the right course of action.

Bill Belsey, the creator of and, applauds Ford for getting the information that he ultimately turned over to police.

But Signy Arnason, the director of and an executive at the Canadian Centre for Child Protection in Winnipeg, advises parents against doing their own investigating, saying that police are better equipped to do it.

“[Parents] may be tampering with information that’s going to be essential to an investigation, so the best thing to do is to hand this over to people who, in the child exploitation units, are very skilled and have years and years of experience dealing with these types of situations,” she says.

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