Researchers will compete to win up to $425,000 at Mobile Pwn2Own 2014

The third annual Mobile Pwn2Own competition will feature new devices to crack and a larger prize pool.

Operated by HP Security Research’s Zero Day Initiative, the event takes place at the PacSec Applied Security Conference in Tokyo on November 12 and 13, and features some of the top security researchers who attempt to demo new mobile exploits for a chance to win cash and prizes. This year’s pool has grown to $425,000 – up $125,000 from last year’s, according to a recent release.

Baseband exploits on an iPhone, Google Nexus or BlackBerry Z30 can earn researchers the largest reward – $150,000 – while successful attacks on messaging services can bring home the second largest prize, $100,000.

The devices that the researchers will attempt to crack include the aforementioned ones, as well as Amazon Fire Phone and Samsung Galazy S5, among others.

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