Study: Malicious social media attacks on the upswing

Social media represents the next frontier of threats for IT security professionals and the companies they protect, according to a new study that details Fortune 100 companies and their social media channels.

“The State of Social Media Infrastructure: The Security Threats to the Social Infrastructure of Fortune 100” found that unauthorized social media accounts, content threats and account hijackings are three primary issues plaguing companies. For instance, an average of 40 percent of Facebook accounts claiming to represent a Fortune 100 brand are unauthorized, and 20 percent of Twitter accounts are also unauthorized.

Although this stat might seem irrelevant to some IT security professionals, Devin Redmond, vice president and general manager of Nexgate for Proofpoint, believes this coming year will require IT security staff and general social media managers to unite against malicious social media actors.

“Social media happened very quickly,” he said. “They (social media managers) aren’t typically trained IT security experts. They haven’t really caught up with what’s happening on that front. It’s become such a primary channel that it’s time for those two groups to collaborate more.”

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