Three desktop tools for ultra-private encrypted chats

Many people like the idea of increasing their privacy with encryption and anonymity tools for sharing files, web browsing and messaging. The trouble is finding tools for the job that aren’t overly complex.

Today’s tip will take a look at how easily you can use current privacy tools to chat with your friends in privacy and security.

The easiest tool to use for encrypted online chat is Cryptocat by developer Nadim Kobeissi. First you have to install the add-on for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera—there are also apps for OS X and iPhone.

Next, just click on the add-on icon in your browser, which will open a new tab with an interface similar to the one you see here. Fill out that form with the conversation name, the nickname you want, and hit connect.

Next, your encrypted chat tab will appear. Now you can just share the name of your conversation with others, and they can use that information to join your covert online meeting.

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