9 Resources to Stay Current on Security Threats

In the world of IT security, threats are constantly evolving and shifting. It’s critical to stay abreast of the current (and hopefully future) threat landscape. If you’re not staying current, then you’ve already lost.

Keeping up to date with security threats will help you mount more effective defenses and also help you educate your users by spreading the word about attacks and scams. User education is an important yet often overlooked element of IT security. Train users to avoid being easy prey and save yourself from having to clean up the resulting mess. This is especially important in the case of phishing scams.

Here are nine good resources that will keep you informed about current security threats. The goal of this list is not to repeat a bunch of resources that we’ve all heard about before. It’s a given that every security vendor has its own blog and newsletter; reading them regularly is a good idea.

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