Abdul Kalam calls for research in cyber security

Offensive and defensive cyber capabilities were as important as nuclear expertise for the nation and institutions like IITs need to enhance their research in cyber security with active industry role, former President, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam said on Friday.
Addressing a two-day ‘Security and Hacking Conference Cocon-2014′ being organised by Kerala police here, he also stressed on the need for technology upgradation and investment education in Cyber security for counter cyber security threat.
“India’s IITs, IISc, and unique universities should significantly enhance their research on cyber security with an active participation from the industry,” he said.
“We will soon have only two types of nations — with cyber offensive and defensive capabilities and those without. Cyber capabilities would soon assume the proportion of Comprehensive Test Ban and would become points of negotiations between nations,” he said.
“There is a need to call in professionals – scientists, computer software and hardware experts – to impart latest skills in computer hacking, cyber warfare, etc. Like, hacking is institutionalised in China wherein virus writing is taught in Chinese military schools’.

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