Americans resigned to giving up their privacy, says study

I am not fond of depressing you.

So I’m going to leave it to a new study performed by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School For Communication.

Titled “The Tradeoff Fallacy” (PDF), this cheery work has so many words that can be quoted that I’ll just choose a few to give you flavor.

Let’s start with the subhead:”How Marketers Are Misrepresenting American Consumers And Opening Them Up to Exploitation.”

That’s not a good start, is it? It doesn’t get any better.

How about: “Our findings…support a new explanation: a majority of Americans are resigned to giving up their data — and that is why many appear to be engaged in tradeoffs.”

In essence, we’ve given up. We see this digital world and we have accepted that its rules are the ones by which we have to play, in order to get our fix of “likes” and comments on our Instagram photos.

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