‘Equation Group’ hackers attacked 30+ nations with NSA-style tech

Russian security experts say that an advanced persistent threat team has infected thousands of computers in more than 30 countries using tools and tactics not unlike what’s already been attributed to the National Security Agency.

Kaspersky Labs of Moscow declined to specifically implicate the United States and its spy office in a report published by the security firm on Monday this week. The researchers, however, say that it’s been monitoring a group of computer hackers that have waged attacks since 2001 and that share similarities with operations of the NSA.

The team of malicious actors is dubbed the “Equation Group” in this week’s Kaspersky report, and the Russian researchers say its participants have waged cyber-attacks against government entities, military institutions, telecommunication firms and the energy sector, among others, pertaining to nations including Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and dozens more.

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