GCHQ to snoop through office emails: Anti-spy agency will monitor disgruntled employees in danger of threatening UK security by going rogue

Britain’s anti-spy agency is to snoop through office emails in a bid to preempt disgruntled employees threatening the nation’s security by going rogue.
The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has turned its attention to ‘insider’ threats within companies – meaning staff gossip and gripes could now be checked for hidden agendas.

The shocking revelation means unusual language or uncharacteristic tones adopted in emails to colleagues could be interpreted as sign that the sender is undermining the UK’s security.

GCHQ, the British intelligence organisation which unmasks spies, is sponsoring research at Lancaster University using ‘behavioural analysis’ to identify rogue employees, The Sunday Times reports.

The university is currently advertising the three and a half year PhD post financed by GCHQ – and paying £22,000 a year.

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