Hacked from ‘US servers’: Ecuador leader claims attacks on his private computer

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa has accused the US of “systematic, high-tech” cyber-attacks on his private internet accounts and computers, the last of which was traced back to American servers last Thursday.

He outlines his accusations in a scathing Twitter post and later comments to the Latin American press.

In the Friday post, Correa denounced what he sees as “systematic, high-tech and high-resource attacks,” adding that “they will not succeed, we are more, so many more.”

Correa gave few details in the Twitter posts, but according to Telesur said that the attacks carried on throughout all of last Thursday, November 20, and that they are an American effort.

“On Thursday, all day I received attacks… that come from abroad and trace back to a server in the United States, targeting my bills, trying to hack my information, turn on microphones, listen in on our conversations,” Correa said in his weekly Citizen Link no.399.

Last March, Correa shared similar fears, denouncing foreign attempts at targeting computers, seeing them also as the work of “unscrupulous domestic opponents.”

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