Hacked Traffic Sign Displays Message: ‘Ebola Outbreak Ahead’

Commuters on Langford Parkway in Gwinnett County got an “interesting” surprise early Wednesday morning as they passed through a construction zone.

First, there was a warning of an eminent ‘EBOLA OUTBREAK AHEAD.’ Which might be a bit unnerving for the average person driving, if you didn’t then come upon a second sign with a more derogatory message. For most people that would immediately send up the red flags that something foul was at hand.

And that is exactly what FOX 5 viewer Jennifer Bock figured when she saw both signs. She sent us pictures and notified Gwinnett Department of Transportation. They say the computers on the signs were hacked into and someone posted the ‘not so nice’ messages.

As of now no one has come forward to claim responsibility for the signs.

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