How to share family photos safely

The most reliable way to avoid creating a social media profile of your child is to embrace analogue technology. That is, buy a film camera (lots of bargains on eBay), get the photos processed at your local Snappy Snaps (if it hasn’t closed down) and put them in an album (Muji do nice ones). You can then take the album to social occasions and “update” your “friends” by showing them photographs of Oscar’s first steps and whatnot. They will be able to “comment” and “like” the photographs, but their comments won’t be permanently recorded on the internet, Oscar will be out reach of facial recognition technology and his steps won’t be turned into data points for multinationals or governments.

Upside Doesn’t require the memorising of any passwords, involve the ongoing management of privacy settings or increase the likelihood that an extremely large number of people will be privy to your intimate family moments.

Downside A roll of colour film and processing starts at about £8. You can’t put movies in an analogue album. Leaving the album on the bus would constitute a lapse in privacy settings.

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