In North Korea, hackers are the new elite

North Korea, a country well known for economic problems, poverty, starvation, lofty nuclear goals and a scathing hatred of the United States, is also a land where social class often dictates a person’s position in life.

The idea of “songbun” describes a person’s social value depending on family connections. In order to attend top universities such as the Kim il-sung university, a student not only needs top grades and a flawless record but also the right background. Should a student succeed, the songbun of the student’s family may be raised.

North Korea, despite its self-imposed isolation, desperately requires technology and knowledge from the West, especially regarding science, agriculture and manufacturing. Though international leaders have criticized the country for its nuclear programs and alleged human rights abuses, Pyongyang University of Science and Technology remains funded by the West and is one of few institutions that allow Western teachers.

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