Stockholm: Microchipped office workers feel ‘very modern’ using hand-implanted chips to open doors

At the newly opened Epicenter office complex in central Stockholm, office workers have been opening doors and operating the photocopier with a chip implanted in their hands.

The radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip is made from Pyrex glass and contains an antenna and microchip, with no need for batteries.

Instead of using identification cards and pass codes, all the staff at companies based in the Swedish tech business incubator Epicentre are using microchips implanted into their hands to get into and around the workplace.

All each member of staff has to do is wave their hand in front of a sensor and the door opens.

Each hand-implanted chip currently also enables staff at the office complex, opened at the end of the January, to operate a photocopier and swap contact details via a smartphone.

“It felt pretty scary, but at the same time it felt very modern, very 2015,” said Lin Kowalska, who works for the charity GiveSome in the building, shortly after she was chipped.

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