‘Untexting’: New app allows remote removal of text, photos

Drunken incoherence or unfortunate jokes won’t be a cause for regrets for iPhone users anymore, with the emergence of a new app that allows users to remotely delete all traces of text messages and photos before they are even seen by recipients.

The application, called Strings, is described by its creators as “a refreshing new way to share what you want with who you want (and take it back, if you want).”

It lets a user delete a message or a whole conversation (a “string”) with another person or persons, with the content “immediately and permanently” removed from all involved phones as well as the String servers.

The process is dubbed “untexting” by the app’s developer, the Seattle-based Be Labs company.

The app provides a user with an opportunity to easily select, who to start a conversations with, and remove people from the “string” at any time to guarantee privacy.

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