USTR Warns That EU-Only Cloud To Avoid NSA Surveillance May Violate Trade Agreements

The USTR seems to have a worrying need to blame other countries. Alongside the infamous Special 301 Report which puts a selection of nations on the naughty step because of their failure to bend to the will of the US copyright industries, there’s the less well-known Section 1377 Review , which considers “Compliance with Telecommunications Trade Agreements.

The Section 1377 Review (“Review”) is based on public comments filed by interested parties and information developed from ongoing contact with industry, private sector, and foreign government representatives in various countries. This year USTR received four comments and two reply comments from the private sector, and one comment from a foreign government.

Clearly something of a specialist area, then. One of those comments comes from the United States Council for International Business, which describes itself as “among the premier pro-trade, pro-market liberalization organizations.” A concern it raises is the following:

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