Vienna court orders Facebook response on ‘Facebook v Europe’ privacy case

The Vienna regional court has given Facebook four weeks to respond to a 25,000 plaintiff class-action lawsuit over privacy.

The lawsuit, called “Facebook v Europe”, is being led by privacy campaigner Max Schrem, who saw overwhelming support for his case from people wanting to back his suit. It was approved by the regional court in Vienna on Thursday.

The court ruled that Facebook must respond to the suit within four weeks or the judge can rule without it. Facebook can apply for an extension.

“The first step in the legal procedure is hereby taken,” the class-action group said in a statement. “If Facebook Ireland refuses to submit a counterstatement the court would be able to make a judgment in absence based on the lawsuit.”

“So far more than 25,000 Facebook users from outside of the US and Canada have assigned their claims to join the class action, in what has become the largest privacy class action in Europe overnight,” continued the group adding that an additional 35,000 users had registered through its class-action claim site despite the lawsuit being capped at 25,000 plaintiffs.

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