Why did an offensive Greggs logo show up in Google’s web search?

Greggs fell afoul of the Google algorithm on Tuesday when an alternative logo popped up to anyone searching for the company.

Instead of the company’s official logo, an image with the slogan: “Providing shit to scum for over 70 years.” Classist, crass and a far cry from the company’s actual slogan: “Always fresh. Always tasty.” But it caused a giggle on Twitter, nonetheless.

Cue a social media nightmare for the purveyors of reasonably-priced sausage rolls, whose communications team were quick to respond to amused tweeters via their official account.

But how does this even happen? Some tweeters were quick to blame “a disgruntled employee”. We don’t know who created the logo, which appears to have been around since 2010, but the search bit certainly has nothing to do with Greggs.

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