5 good reasons to use a VPN connection

I will start out with 7 simple reasons why a VPN can be useful.

  1. All data traffic through the VPN is encrypted. This can be especially useful if you use a laptop and travel a lot.
  2. A good VPN provides a solid firewall for your protection.
  3. Unlimited and uncensored access to the internet. If you live in China you definitely want a VPN.
  4. The VPN masks your true location online. If you get a US based VPN for example you can view the local television streaming.
  5. Your government and your ISP cannot spy on your traffic.
  6. If your ISP throttles you often it is possible to bypass the throttling using a VPN.
  7. Most VPN providers will go far to try and keep your data private. Some don’t even ask for any kind of private data.

There are possibly other reasons why you would choose to use a VPN.


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