5 Tips for Fighting Email Security Threats

In today’s security landscape, email threats are one of the most common strategies utilized among cyber criminals. Much of the early spam traffic was annoying and essentially amounted to junk mail that consumed you and your company’s time. However, it wasn’t long before cyber criminals began using such messages to deliver far more destructive content.

Email Attacks
Email-borne attacks come in the form of phishing, spear-phishing, Trojans, malicious attachments and hidden scripts. Attack techniques are ever-evolving and adapt with technology in an effort to stay ahead of security professionals – driving malware authors to become very good at what they do.

An unwanted email can contain an exploit that gives a hacker unlimited access to your computer or your organization’s network. While spam remains the most widely used means to deliver malware, it’s not the only one. Some attackers deliver a convincing ruse to their targets via email and provide a Web link. Simply clicking on an infected link within an email can lead to a malicious website that will download malware and compromise your entire network.

For example, some sites serve as redirects, while others provide exploits that leverage vulnerabilities in popular software such as Java or Adobe Reader to gain access to machines. Additional redirects along the way can provide payloads that help the attacker retain access to now-compromised machines as well as other components that can steal your bank account information, browser histories, cookies and other information.

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