Cyber spies join forces to keep Britain and US safe from web terrorists

Britain and the United States will create a joint “cyber cell” so spies can tackle the growing threat of terrorists plotting online attacks on the West.

Following cyber attacks on the US by North Korea, British and American agents will share information about threats and respond to attacks that threaten to bring down financial or government organisations.

David Cameron, who agreed to set up the cell during his visit to the US for talks with President Barack Obama, said it would help the two allies stay “one step ahead” of online terrorists.

A report by GCHQ has disclosed that 80 per cent of large companies in the UK reported a cyber security breach last year, costing between £600,000 and £1.5 million. Robert Hannigan, GCHQ’s director, said that the attacks “show little sign of abating” and that “doing nothing is no longer an option”.

Britain and the US will conduct war game exercises to test their resilience in the face of cyber attacks.

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