French TV network taken off air by pro-ISIS hackers

France’s TV5Monde has been struck by an “unprecedented” attack which knocked out its IT systems and broadcasting equipment.

TV5Monde, which broadcasts to 200 countries, took to Facebook and YouTube to explain that a serious cyberattack, which began on Wednesday, had knocked out its TV channels, websites, and social networks. The Paris-based company’s website – which remains down for maintenance today – was also rendered inaccessible.

“We have been the victim of an extremely powerful cyberattack. The attack affected all our 11 channels, nine general and two specialist, which went dark,” TV5Monde’s managing director Yves Bigot said in a video posted to its Facebook account early this morning. “At the same time, we have lost control of our social networks and our internet sites. Our entire team is working on restoring the programming you’re used to.”

The attacks began late Wednesday and took down the 11 channels for several hours. Bigot told Agence France-Presse the attacks were “unprecedented for us and unprecedented in the history of television”.

“When you work in television… and you find out that your 11 channels are down, of course that’s one of the most dreadful things that can happen to you,” he told the news agency.

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