Industry Experts Predict the Top Cyber Security Trends for 2016

The new year is still a month away, but security experts at several companies are already sharing their cyber security predictions for 2016.

Samson David, senior vice president and global head for cloud, infrastructure services and security at Infosys, says the following three trends will dominate over the coming year:

As enterprise perimeters expand, so will security vulnerabilities. It’s no secret that cyber threats are getting smarter and penetrating deeper across devices and different levels. As global enterprises push to scale their businesses through initiatives like cloud and social, information that previously resided in internal hardware will now be strewn across various devices and levels like on-premises, public clouds, social media and mobile. This will leave consumers, businesses and governments on constant high alert for increased risk, vulnerability and exposure.
Cloud security will increase in scale, and decrease in complexity. In 2016 we’ll see cloud security evolve into simpler, virtualized controls and solutions that will have embedded security processes to help map current IT systems. Heavy, bolted-on protective layers that have difficulty scaling in the cloud will stay behind, and next year will have lighter, scalable cloud security solutions.

Backup and recovery will become synonymous with security. With the explosive growth of structured and unstructured data, improving backup and recovery time will be a big hurdle for the enterprise. Vendors will rely on automated tiered solutions and data de-duplication to address the challenges of heterogeneity of technology. Encrypted data backups and agentless cloud-based replication will become the norm for data security.

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