Megaupload programmer gets 1yr in prison for role with Dotcom’s site

An Estonian computer programmer for the now defunct file-sharing site Megaupload has been sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison less than a week after he unexpectedly arrived in the United States upon reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Appearing in a dark jumpsuit inscribed with the word “prisoner,” Andrus Nomm, 36, pleaded guilty before a judge in the Eastern District Court of Virginia in Alexandria on Friday morning to one count of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, in turn resolving for him a three-year-plus legal battle that began with the unsealing of a 13-count criminal indictment against Megaupload and its executives in early 2012.

Prosecutors have long alleged that Nomm and a half-dozen other former Megaupload employees participated in a “worldwide criminal organization” that engaged in copyright infringement and money laundering on a massive scale by operating a website that made copies of movies, music and other protected works available online without authorization and then rewarded the individuals who provided that content with cash bonuses.

Nomm was brought to the US on Monday and apprehended pursuant to the arrest warrant issued more than three years earlier. The Associated Press reported that a Nomm, a resident of both Estonia and Turkey, had agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors, but the most recent court filing in the case – a document dated Thursday – remained under seal as of Friday afternoon, obscuring for now the latest details from the public.

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