Mobile Security’s Budget Shortfall

Recent research from Gartner shows worldwide spending on information security growing nearly 8 percent this year, reaching $71.1 billion by the end of 2014. That figure translates to an average of $381 per employee, Gartner found. The firm cites continued adoption of mobility as one of the key drivers of security budget growth.

But is spending growing quickly enough for organizations to feel they can handle the proliferation of mobile security threats? A recent Ponemon Institute report commissioned by Raytheon found that just 36 percent of IT and information security professionals believed their budgets were big enough to securely manage mobile devices.

“Sixty-four percent claim they do not currently have or even expect to have adequate budget,” said Ashok Sankar, senior director of Product Strategy and Management for Raytheon Cyber Products. “This is surprising given that risks are extremely high now. If you look at the explosion of mobile malware and put it together with end-user negligence, mobile is a very weak link when it comes to your enterprise security. It’s surprising people haven’t put more money into it.”

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