Snowden receives Swedish ‘alternative Nobel Prize’ via video from Moscow

Edward Snowden has received the Right Livelihood Award, a Swedish-based alternative to the Nobel Prize, for revealing state surveillance which violated basic democratic and constitutional rights. He accepted the award via video from Moscow.

In his acceptance speech broadcast from Moscow, Snowden said he hoped this was only beginning. The audience in the building of the Swedish parliament received the whistleblower with a long applause.

“I hope despite all we have accomplished in the last year, we all recognize that this is only the beginning,” Snowden said, prompting a standing ovation.

“These are things that are unlikely to change soon,” he said. “But they have been worth it, all the prices we paid, all the sacrifices we made, I believe we’d do it again. I know I would do again.”

“This is about us, this is about our rights. This is about the kind of societies we want to live in, the kind of government we want to have, the kind of world that we want to make for the next generation. And when we talk about government, we need to think not only about the quality of the government, but also the relationship that we have with it. Are we going to be a subject of government, or will we be partner to it?”

“There is so much more to do…and together we will achieve it,” Snowden concluded.

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